3 days left to submit your abstract for EU PVSEC 17

Dear Colleagues,

I am very happy to live in these exciting “solar” times. The moment that photovoltaic electricity is starting to disrupt the energy markets is in sight. The photovoltaic sector is creating more and more jobs and technological advances keep on improving the performance of solar cells and modules to levels we could only dream of a decade ago. I hope I can share this excitement with you at the EU PVSEC 2017 in Amsterdam!

So please mark your calendar and in preparation for the event send an abstract for our Call for Papers, which is open until 10 February 2017. Join the EU PVSEC 2017 to contribute to the discussion on these topics. The EU PVSEC 2017 will be the platform for a unique event to share the latest insights and developments in science, technology, finances, policies, and markets.

I am very pleased to welcome you in Amsterdam and get inspired!

Arno Smets
EU PVSEC General Chairman
Professor Solar Energy at Delft University of Technology.



3 days left to submit your abstract: https://userarea.photovoltaic-conference.com/ 

Contribute to the EU PVSEC 2017 Conference Programme by submitting your abstracts by 10 February 2017 and be part of the world’s leading specialist PV Solar Conference.


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