SOLARUNITED PV Production, Quality, and Innovation Forum in Munich exceeded expectations

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SOLARUNITED PV Production, Quality, and Innovation Forum in Munich exceeded expectations

  • Jointly produced by SOLARUNITED and the Becquerel Institute
  • PV Production, Quality, and Innovation Forum during EU PVSEC 2016


Orlando/Hanau/Brussels – 27 June 2016,

With high-profile speakers and more presentations and attendees than its past run, this year’s PV Production, Quality, and Innovation Forum 2016 exceeded expectations, organizers said. The sixth edition was held at the EU PVSEC in Munich, Germany and was organized by SOLARUNITED and the Becquerel Institute.

The annual event was divided into three sessions that emphasized innovations in PV manufacturing, quality, and reliability. “It was a very stirring and inspiring meeting that strengthened the link between science and industry “said Bryan Ekus, Director of International Affairs, for SOLARUNITED.

The different Sessions had been chaired by Gaëtan Masson, Director, Becquerel Institute,

Dr. Nabih Cherradi, CEO, Desert Technologies and Co-Chair of the SOLARUNITED Quality Committee and Laura Azpilicueta, Sr. VP – Global Sales & Business Development at EVASA and Chairwomen of the SOLARUNITED Quality Committee as well as Ulrike Jahn, TÜV Rheinland Energie und Umwelt GmbH

The session on technology highlighted how diverse the future of PV technology might be, with the ongoing competition through established crystalline silicon technology and possible game changers such as heterojunction.

The sessions on quality & reliability showed that the PV industry considers the question of reliability seriously and requires new steps in terms of coordination throughout the value chain to acquire and analyse field data and improve the materials and production processes accordingly. Moreover it showed how quality issues might reduce the expected cost of PV electricity decline if not handled properly.

Solar United members, together with all willing parties and especially PV associations at regional and national levels, will contribute to highlighting the potential for technology development together with the need for an integrated approach to quality and reliability.


Formally known as the International Photovoltaic Equipment Association (IPVEA)

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Marketing/Management : Bernhard Krause, Mobile: +49 1709202924

International Affairs: Bryan Ekus, Tel: +1 747 777 2081 Office, Tel: +1 407 733 1901 Mobile

Conten: Ir Gaëtan Masson, on behalf of the Becquerel Institute Tel: +32 478280511