Membership Summary

Benefits of Membership

As an SOLARUNITED member, you enjoy the considerable benefits of access to key decision makers, exposure to timely and critical issues, and expert analysis to help your business or organization succeeds in the fast-growing solar PV industry.

  • Event Discounts
  • Market Insights
  • Business Connections
  • Working Groups
  • SOLARUNITED Member pavilions
  • Time & Money Saving Resources
  • Access to VIP networking events

SOLARUNITED – What we do! Serving Global – Contributing Locally

Sharing best practices, providing international insights, and working with local and global partners— SOLARUNITED provides our members with access to world-class resources and the ability to understand and engage in markets of all sizes.

SOLARUNITED is also a founding member of the Global Solar Council and Internationally SOLARUNITED partners with groups, R&D Centers, and leading exhibition to help foster global information sharing and collaboration.

Continuous Education & Networking 2017 – Year-round Access to Information

Throughout the year, the SOLARUNITED hosts informative events—keeping you up to date on breaking issues and the forces driving change in the industry.

  • PV Production and Innovation Forum
  • Work Groups
  • Discovery Cafés
  • Market Updates
  • Technology Webinars
  • Networking events

2017 Membership Application