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Beyond Research – more than market research
In an ever faster-moving economy, information is a decisive success factor. Traditional market research is far from adequate and can only meet today’s standards to a certain extent. With the use of the network-based approach EuPD Research is therefore beginning a new chapter in the arena of B2B market research. Our aim is to increase your return on research investment using network intelligence. We set ourselves the highest goals for quality in our work and we are faster than our competitors. We do research. Efficiently. Transparently. Intelligently.

EuPD Research is a strategic partner
The customer is in the center of our thinking. We see ourselves as a strategic partner. We analyze your information requirements and deliver proactive and tailored information – the information you need to reach your company goals. In so doing, we draw on an extensive network of experts.

We will maximize your return on investment
We see the collection, selection and consolidation of information relevant to the market and your company as the central challenge in carrying out successful business activities in the competitive global arena. Coordinated management of information creates valuable competitive advantage and helps companies to develop successful strategic positions.



The Becquerel Institute

The Becquerel Institute provides research and advisory services to private companies as well as to public and institutional organisations in the field of renewable energies, and Photovoltaic (PV) electricity in particular. It provides advisory excellence by combining a recognised high quality internal expertise with a global network of PV experts around the globe.
Becquerel Institute provides expert advice on PV and electricity markets, with a particular focus in the fields of PV markets, PV industry analysis, PV competitiveness within the electricity markets, policy analysis, business modelling, financial instruments, and BIPV.

Our Research activities consist in a combination of direct participation to research programs, in Europe and globally as well as internally funded research projects.

Becquerel Institute has been founded to bring an innovative answer to the question of the availability of top quality intelligence in the PV sector.

The Becquerel Institute, located in the heart of the EU district (Brussels), is rooted in Europe, where the PV revolution started but has a global reach: it links with a range of PV stakeholders, including the industry, research centers, PV associations and energy think tanks worldwide; it also provides a collaborative platform open to expert contribution aiming at advancing the case of PV through innovative technical, business, financial and regulatory approaches.


VLSI Research Inc is the leading provider of market research and economic analysis on the technical, business, and economic aspects within semiconductor, nanotechnology and related industries. The company is known for its unparalleled accuracy, innovation in market research, and its sharply focused insight into the rapidly changing landscapes of the industries covered.  VLSI Research’s primary databases and reports cover the semiconductor, flat panel display, PV cell and module manufacturing, and associated high technology industries.

Since the early eighties VLSI has been the only market research firm to consistently gauge the direction of growth.  The company has always driven to deliver data and services with the most advanced methods, such as the internet and dynamic databases.  Its innovations include being the first to use demand-based forecasting; the first to model semiconductor inventories in forecasts; the first to use cost-of-ownership models for evaluating equipment; the first to perform customer satisfaction surveys; the first semiconductor industry research firm to apply capacity and inventory models in forecasting.

VLSI Research was founded in 1976.  The company’s website is

Wolf Research Consulting Service
Wolf Research provides high-quality, timely and actionable market research, forecasting and consulting services to its clients. Our focus is on advising leading companies and technology decision makers to drive business change by presenting complex ideas, condensed into simple and provocative concepts. Sound methodologies lead to reliable deliverables. One-to-one client interaction assures that the research needs are met.

Lux Research

Lux Research provides strategic advice and on-going intelligence for emerging technologies. Leaders in business, finance and government rely on us to help them make informed strategic decisions. Through our unique research approach focused on primary research and our extensive global network, we deliver insight, connections and competitive advantage to our clients.
Lux Research has global reach, with over 75 employees in Boston, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo and combines deep technical expertise with business analysis; 60% of research team holds advanced degrees in science or engineering. Visit for more information.

Mercom Capital Group is a new breed of communications firm, offering public relations, investor relations and market intelligence services – that reach deep into the Clean Energy and Health Care Technology industries.

What makes us different? Not only do we develop well crafted, impactful messages that will influence the market and drive awareness, we have industry leaders, analysts, media and funding groups following us.

Mercom Capital Group’s Market Intelligence Reports have become respected industry essentials for targeted data and intelligence. This gives Mercom a unique advantage because we speak with these key influencers every day providing you with a strong and credible link to your targets.

The Mercom team is relentless and meticulous when it comes to executing public relations and investor relations programs, ensuring that the right message is delivered to the ears of the right opinion makers and decision makers and helping them to see the value proposition in every message. We craft and execute powerful strategic public and investor relations programs that deliver results. Period.

INTELLIGENT COMMUNICATIONS – best-in-class communication programs supported by timely market intelligence.