Jonas & Redmann new automation for reproducible deep drawing of composite foils

Production of lithium- ion batteries –

New Jonas & Redmann laboratory automation allows precise and reproducible deep drawing of composite foils


Jonas & Redmann developed a precision, flexible laboratory deep drawing system for the reproducible deep drawing of composite foils, e.g. aluminium composite foils. The laboratory machine offers an array of process modes and optional expansions.


Benefits at a glance:


(Berlin, 13.04.2016) In contrast to hard case battery cells, lithium-ion battery cells in the pouch format (also coffee bag or foil cells ) offer advantages when it comes to gravimetric energy density as well as a high degree of battery format flexibility thanks to the relatively easy processability of the housing materials.

Depending on the specification, the pouch cell must be deep-drawed into varying shapes. The quality of the deep drawing process has a direct impact on the parameters life cycle (at the cell and system level) and safety. To implement an industrialised, stable, high-quality deep drawing process, the largely unknown behaviour of multiple layer composite foils in deep drawing processes must be evaluated in prototype and material testing and examinations on the optimum parameter settings of the forces applied to the blank.

Jonas & Redmann offers a semi-automatic, modular laboratory system for these tasks. The new development is suitable for universities and research institutes as well as companies for evaluating production and process parameters.

Flexible and scalable

The easy-to-use, scalable laboratory system offers a wide range of functions. Optional expansions offer flexible options for using the machine in product development.

The control has a open design, thus enabling customer-specific integration and an expansion of the functions and sensors. The depth (distance), deep drawing force (forming force), deep drawing speed (forming speed), blank-holder force and holding time parameters are freely programmable.

The drawing punch, draw ring and blank holding device can be optionally set to a defined temperature (room temperature up to 120°C) by the integrated heating elements.

The optional punching tool (hole punch) makes it possible to index deep-drawed half shells. Two half shells can be aligned using these indexing holes when assembling battery cells.

Similar to the drawing punch, a servo-electric spindle press can be mounted instead of a pneumatic drive. This increases precision and allows for additional deep drawing operating modes.

In addition, the standard system repeatability of <1% of full scale (nominal load) can be optionally reduced to <0.3% of full scale.

User friendly and low-maintenance

The compact system is operated using a mobile control panel with a touchscreen, which makes it easy to operate and display operating and fault messages. The process parameters are entered and recipes are created by an external PC or the operating personnel. The control writes the various machine process parameters cyclically (including the time stamp) to a single data file. The interval for each parameter – within the limit defined by the system – is freely programmable via the HMI.

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