Jonas & Redmann presents new generation automation systems at SNEC 2017

Jonas & Redmann can look back at this year’s SNEC in Shanghai with total satisfaction. Over a period of three days at the world’s most important photovoltaic trade show, Jonas & Redmann presented a series of innovations which, taken together, represent a new generation of automation systems for loading and unloading high-efficiency processes in the production of crystalline silicon solar cells.

Tray Automation

With the improved TRAY AUTOMATION, Jonas & Redmann offers an automated system for loading and unloading inline coating machines which not only meets the particularly high demands for cell handling, but also provides best-in-class performance in terms of throughput, uptime and footprint. This modular system can be adapted to match the specific requirements of any process (e.g. PECVD, PVD, CVD or ALD). It relies on gripping technologies specifically designed for handling extremely thin wafers with very sensitive coatings. Only the most gentle handling concepts based on patented gripping technologies were used in the development of this system. For heterojunction (HJT) cell production, which requires surface-friendly handling and pinpoint wafer placement in the tray, Jonas & Redmann provides a highly accurate camera-based kit which is proven to increase the efficiency of the cells through precise positioning of the wafer in the tray pocket. The platform also offers a series of innovations for improved coating accuracy and fracture reduction. The standard tray stabilization and centering device ensures proper tray placement and excellent positioning results. The system can easily be configured for different tray sizes (e.g. 6×4, 5×4, 6×9, 6×7, 8×8, 9×11). Intelligent engineering allows for simple format changes via plug and play. The integration of various measuring systems (i.e. for wafer fracture and color control) into the system is just one of many other options available. Depending on the production environment and processing equipment, the extremely compact TRAY AUTOMATION can also be used as a double-end solution. TRAY AUTOMATION is designed for a throughput of 6,500 wafers per hour.

WHD HTP 10000 and WHP HTP 8000

Since entering the photovoltaic market in 2000, Jonas & Redmann have installed more than 1000 WHD and WHP systems around the world. With the new generation of these automation systems for diffusion tube furnaces and PECVD tube systems, Jonas & Redmann currently offers the most efficient loading and unloading solutions for this processing stage. The compact systems feature a modular design and can easily be adapted to different production environments and manufacturing types. Depending on customer requirements, measuring systems can also be integrated into these platforms to ensure constant process monitoring. Thanks to continuous improvement of the individual modules and handling components, the system guarantees, even at very high throughputs, a low fracture rate of under 0.03% and reliable operation with an uptime of > 99%.

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