SOLARUNITED PV quality and reliability survey

SOLARUNITED has reviewed the results of their latest survey among its members and the PV value chain regarding quality and reliability.

The association, which represents global suppliers of PV equipment and PV module manufacturers, asked members and industry leaders to define “PV quality and reliability”.

According to the majority of respondents, “PV plants that are delivering at least what are expected over their predicted lifetimes,” was identified as the ‘most important’ definition of quality and reliability. Most respondents also identified “A reasonable level of failures covered by O&M contracts and/or guarantees”, as ‘very important’, while under half thought that using brand names considered trusted and reliable as ‘very important’.

The majority of respondents said they thought that PV quality and reliability could be improved.

In the survey, SOLARUNITED listed “quality” activities. Respondents identified “Collecting and analysing PV defect information in the field to identify how to improve the components” as most important, followed by “Transfer recommendations from the upstream part of the value chain to the developers and operators”.

Respondents also identified work on quality standards as well as the identification and proposal of recommendations for PV modules in different climate environments as important undertakings.

The majority of respondents see business and scientific PV conferences as the most suitable platforms for the dissemination of information about quality and reliability activities undertaken by SOLARUNITED in future.

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