The European Technology and Innovation Platform Photovoltaics met in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The European Technology and Innovation Platform Photovoltaics met in Ljubljana, Slovenia 

  • Photovoltaic Solar Energy a major Energy Source in Europe
  • New Reports of Working Group activities will be published with the next few Weeks
  • SolarUnited new Partner in the ETIP PV Secretariat

The Steering Committee of the European Technology and Innovation Platform Photovoltaics (ETIP PV) met at the University Ljubljana invited by the ETIP PV Chairman Marko Topič.

The Steering Committee of the ETIP PV is working on a broadly supported strategy and corresponding implementation plan for research & technology development as well as the regulatory framework for the deployment of photovoltaic solar energy in Europe and supporting policies in the area of education. The writing of this Implementation Plan was mandated by the European Commission to support ETIP PV’s “declaration of intent” on PV technology performance targets agreed early in 2016.

One of the main topics of the meeting last week was the discussion about the ongoing work on the different working groups:

  • LCOE and learning curve update for components and system prices
  • Industry Strategy and Policy
  • Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)
  • Grid Integration
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework

The working groups for “BIPV” and “Industry policy” will publish new results during the next weeks. A position paper ‘BIPV as a core element for Smart Cities` and the paper ‘The European PV manufacturing Industry: analysis and policy guidance for 2020 and beyond’ will be available shortly in the ETIP PV website.

The “Grid Integration” and “LCOE” groups have already published results and are working on new updated reports which will be ready by the end of this year.

ETIP PV Chairman Marko Topič: “The focus of ETIP PV’s activities is on the opportunities and challenges facing the European photovoltaic sector. We are trusted partner of the European Commission on PV technology policy. Our recommendations cover the areas of R&D, market development & competitiveness as well as education and industrial policy”.

During the meeting in Ljubljana the ETIP PV Secretariat presented as the supporting entity to the PV platform financed by the EC their work-plan for the coming two years.

The ETIP PV Secretariat welcomes “SolarUnited – The global solar business & technology association” as industry association represented by Bryan Ekus and Bernhard Krause as new partner. SolarUnited is a trade association focusing on Quality, Reliability, Innovation, and PV Technology. The consortium includes 3 partners: the coordinator WIP, EUREC and SolarUnited.

The next Steering Committee meeting is scheduled to take place on 24 January 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. 

Note to editors:

The European Technology and Innovation Platform Photovoltaics (ETIP PV) is a continuation of the European PV Technology Platform (EU PVTP) and the Solar European Industry Initiative (SEII) in a single platform under the new SET Plan governance. The ETIP PV’s mission is in line with the Energy Union and the SET Plan priorities with focus on “Renewable technologies at the heart of the new energy system” and Europe to become “number 1 in renewables”. ETIP PV gathers all the relevant stakeholders of the PV sector, with arrangements for cooperative discussions with member states (MS), associated countries (AC), and the Commission services. Its main role is to provide consensus-based strategic advice on all issues relevant to progressing research and innovation (R&I) efforts.

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