VON ARDENNE signs 700 mw thin film coating deal at SNEC

VON ARDENNE has received another major contract following the order of a coating system for the mirrors of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) in March.

Last week, VON ARDENNE concluded contracts for the delivery of several coating systems for the production of thin-film photovoltaic modules with subsidiaries of China National Building Materials (CNBM), the leading state-owned building material industry group in China. The contracts were signed at the SNEC 2016, the leading Asian trade show for Photovoltaics in Shanghai.

The equipment will be used for the production of CIGS solar modules1in two 300MW-plants in Bengbu (province Anhui) and Jiangyin (province Jiangsu) as well as the production of CdTe solar modules2 in an 100MW-plant in Chengdu (province Sichuan). State-of-the-art coating systems deposit ultra-thin functional layers on glass substrates in the so-called magnetron sputtering process. These glass substrates will be further processed into solar modules.

The equipment will be gradually delivered and taken into operation within the next two years. This investment is part of CNBM’s long-range plan to build factories for the production of photovoltaic modules with an overall annual capacity of 15GW worldwide.

With its many years of experience, VON ARDENNE is among the leading suppliers of advanced technology and first-class vacuum coating equipment and the world‘s leading supplier in this market segment. This know-how and the capability to implement such a major project in this short period of time were decisive for awarding the contracts to the Dresden-based high-tech company.